Ozone Treatment

Ozone is a form of gaseous molecule made up of three oxygen atoms. It was first used in medicine by a German chemist over a hundred years ago. Ozone will eliminate viruses and bacteria within seconds of contact.

When required, we use a Healozone device which is effectively a system for generating ozone , delivering it to an individual tooth . It kills any bacteria that are responsible for tooth decay that are present, negating the need to remove as much tooth structure and hopefully helping to maintain the vitality of the tooth.

Breathing ozone is unhealthy, so in order for Healozone  to function it must be able to create a seal around the infected tooth to ensure there is no leakage of ozone into the patient’s mouth. If a complete seal cannot be obtained then the system will not deliver the gas.

Ozone eliminates decay but has no detrimental side effects on the healthy tooth or the soft tissue.