Functional Orthodontics

Functional orthodontics is a holistic way to correct jaw discrepancies, the way we breath determines our jaw and muscle facial development.

Breathing should be via our nose. Incorrect breathing via our mouth or reverse swallowing and tongue thrusting alongside oral habits such as thumb sucking and the use of a dummy, can cause our jaws to underdevelop.

If the jaws have abnormal development, it can cause tooth crowding and malpositioning of the upper and lower teeth .

Tongue ties and restricted airways, enlarged tonsils and adenoids can contribute to maldevelopment of the jaws.

By wearing functional orthodontic appliances (Myobrace) it aims to correct these habits and encourage the correct jaw development and hence better alignment and position of the teeth.

The Myobrace System involves wearing a series of removable appliances at night time along with simple breathing exercises.

For more information go to the Myobrace website.

At Ozone Dental, we offer gap free initial consultations for Myobrace.